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Offering a full range of motor car servicing and repairs at affordable costs by our friendly team. is part of the Irish Motor Industry Award winning ITS group.



We offer genuine and quality approved (OEM) parts fitted by Qualified Motor Technicians.

What makes us different is the personal service and attention we offer our customers. Standing over all our Car Servicing & Repairs because we believe in building long lasting relationships built on confidence and respect.  We will discuss all options and explain our recommendations for any repairs with you prior to undertaking any work.  

There will be no surprises with large bills when you collect your vehicle – your authorisation to proceed will be required beforehand.


Book your vehicle in now for Car Servicing & Repairs to receive €15.00 discount when you mention Spring17



  • Car, Van & 4×4 Servicing & Mechanical Repairs

  • NCT Repairs

  • Full Diagnostic Service

  • ECU Remapping / Tuning

  • Clutches & Brakes

  • Collection & Delivery Service 



Book your vehicle in now for Car Servicing & Repairs to receive €15.00 discount when you mention Spring17

Vehicle Servicing – we cater for all cars, light commercials and 4 x 4s

Is your vehicle overdue for Service – Don’t Wait – Have your vehicle serviced NOW.  Putting it off might save you money this week but ultimately it will cost you more in the end.  Our servicing menu offers you the best in value and affordability. This allows you to choose the best option for your and your vehicle.  Our prices start at €99.00.  Why not call Sam now on 014298494 to discuss your best service option.  Car Service offering options include some or all of the following:Oil & Oil Filter Change, Checks on Lights and Levels, Tyre Checks, Air Filter Replacement, Full Safety Check, Spark Plugs, Fuel Filters, Brake Cleaning & Adjusting, Fuel Treatments.

NCT Repairs

Generally speaking a regularly serviced and well maintained vehicle should have no concerns when it comes to the time for your NCT. However Murphy’s Law always intervenes and something unexpected happens which will cause an NCT Failure.  In 2015 the main reasons for failure were 1. Front Suspension, 2. Brake Line/Hoses. 3. Headlamp Aim, 4. Tyre Condition, 5. Stop Lamps (source NCT Statistics).   Should you be unlucky and require some remedial work carried out – Call Sam now on 014298494 and we’ll get you an early appointment to ensure you can book your re-test with confidence as soon as possible.


Full Diagnostic Service can provide full Diagnostic checks on the engine and transmission ECUs, Airbags, ABS, EBS  and Traction Control Systems for all makes and models.   We use the latest diagnostic software to assist us in resolving the problem as quickly as possible.

When that warning light appears on your dash – Call Sam on 01 4298494 and we’ll book you in in a flash.

ECU Remapping/Tuning (ECU Tuning/Remap)

ECU remapping is taking a reading from the ECU’s processing chip of the vehicles standard compromised map and adjusting various parameters within the map such as fuel pressure, boost pressure (on turbocharged applications) ignition advance and throttle pedal control amongst others to release the true performance from the engine. It is a completely safe process as it is just giving the engine the performance it should have had in the first place before all the compromises were applied to the original programming. Every engine will have its own unique map. We adjust this so we can fine tune the characteristics of the engine; unleashing more power and in many cases reduce fuel consumption too. is an authorised agent for Monster Tuning which is one of the most respected remapping brands in the market today.

At we use Monster Tuning’s application to rewrite the software on your engine’s ECU to totally transform your car. We safely gain power and torque, so improve driveability.   Customers will also benefit from the added bonus of enhanced fuel economy to both diesel and petrol engines. With our vast experience of tuning cars, attention to the finest detail, and years of tuning expertise, our remaps produce real results that are quite simply second to none.   Improve your cars performance now by calling Sam now to treat your vehicle and your pocket 01-4298494

Clutches & Brakes

We find these are the most common repairs that are required as a result of normal wear and tear. Dragging or binding brakes apart from being a serious safety concern, can increase fuel consumption as can a slipping clutch.

Our technicians at supply and fit brake pads, brake discs, brake shoes, brake drums, handbrake cables, brakes lines and wheel cylinders for all makes and models.  If your clutch has gone and left you stranded Call Sam on 014298494 and we will arrange to recover your vehicle direct to our workshop.  We’ll replace your clutch and have it back to you before your know it.

At Sam’s Autos we can complete routine repairs and replacements usually on the same day.

Collection & Delivery Service

We understand the inconvenience of being without your car while being serviced.  Let us take the pain away and allow us to collect your vehicle from your home or workplace and deliver back to you fully serviced.  We offer attractive rates for this to ensure you our ultimate customer experience.

Book your vehicle in now to receive €15.00 discount when you mention Spring17